A Flock of Cowbirds come for Breakfast at the Bird Feeding Table


If there are :cow2: birds are there :raccoon: birds?
I don’t think I have ever seen a Cow Bird here but I see many herds of Black Angus wandering on the old Naval Weapons station here. They have 12,800 acres to roam in. There used to be a herd off Elk here but for some dumb a$$ reason they relocated them after they had been here for decades.

:laughing: I don’t know why they’re called that. My first encounter with them was in Florida about 15 yrs ago, where a male was courting a female. It was a strange call and dance he did. I didn’t have video, but I did get still pictures. I hadn’t seen them again until the last few yrs. while living here in N.C.

Re: “Cow” birds. I once read that a much older name for them was Cowlbird. Because the brown heads of the males looked like a Cowl ( hood ) worn my monks. The “l” dropped out of many refional accents.

Interesting. That makes more sense than to think they’re birds that hang around cows.