A few more reason not to purchase from Wyze

A few more reasons not to purchase from Wyze…

o Cams can not be setup (connection timeout) when using encrypted DNS (DoT).

o Cam setup wants to know your location; otherwise, you have to type in your WiFi SSID every time.

o An existing cam setup has to be fully recreated to change the WiFI SSID.

o Every time you have to setup a cam, you have to re-enter its name instead of being able to easily select your saved names… how many times do I need to spell our Basement, Driveway, etc.

o Every time you have to setup a cam, Wyze app pushes a bunch of marketing crap at you with no way to escape other than to close/crash the app.

o With ALL notifications disabled, Wyze app still pushes marketing crap at you.

o 2FA authentication just choked with server errors while trying to log into this forum, only to discover I was logged in anyway. And do you really need a Captcha with one-shot 2FA.

These are all dumb issues of Wyze’s own doing, imo. I could go on.



No. I have done a setup well over 200 times and never needed to type the SSID.

No. Do the setup = yes, but as long as you don’t delete the camera (you don’t need to), it will remember most of the parameters for that camera.


His or her SSID may not be being broadcast…

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