A/C is cycling on and off

Location, Orlando Fl.
A/C, Trane heat pump.
System in cool mode turns on and off continuously throughout demand in cooling mode. Once temperature is achieved then cycling will cease.
7 minutes of run time, 1 minute off. Repeat, repeat, repeat.
Is this a wiring problem?
Is this a defect in product?
Is this a software issue?
Is this normal?
Any assistance with this would be appreciated.

Show pictures of thermostat wiring and any furnace wiring you may have done (C-adapter)

No C-adapter installed.
Also realized that this occurs only within a 1 degree temp. change.
Meaning going from 78 to 77 vs.
80 to 77 seams to run normal cooling.

Did you ever get this resolved? My thermostat is cycling my AC as well. I submitted a ticket 1147977 the other day and haven’t heard anything back. I am concerned about damaging the AC compressor with it shutting off for a short time then kicking back on.

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What is your indication that it is cycling? Are you actually outside next to your compressor listening to it?

This sounds like a programming error, Maybe “coast to cool” is kicking on and turning off the compressor before it has the chance to cool off the indoor coil completely.

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It is not just the compressor it is the whole unit. Air handler kicks off go outside and outside unit is off and fan spinning down. It then turns right back on all before getting to the set temp below is an example I put in the ticket. The 7pm is an estimate it had reached the set temp around that time, and I felt that with the logs I sent it would be a good example dataset. I disabled coast to cool before the documented times. I was part of beta and didn’t get to use AC during testing, but during testing there was an option for the safety delay, I no longer see that option and it is completely ignoring it.

5:55pm off
5:57pm on
6:18pm off
6:40pm on
6:43pm off
6:44pm on
7:00 pm off

I put my old thermostat in place until I hear from support. The old thermostat is working fine so it is an issue with the wyze tstat.

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Safety delay only needs to be 1-2 minutes. What do you have the differential temp set to on the wyze? If your differential is low, and you do something that causes the house to warm up like open a door or window, then the thermostat might pick up on that heat increase and cycle the AC faster than expected.

Your outside AC might also shut the fan off an on separately from the compressor, depending on model. Some units have a fan cycle unit that runs the condenser fan - in cooler temperatures, they do not require much airflow over the coil and will cycle the fan to make the unit more efficient, and operate better at low ambient temperatures.

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It is set at the default 1 degree. My unit has trouble keeping up so it is not unusual to be 3+ degrees over the set point on hot days, it is turning everything off well outside of the differential temp. I am sticking with an issue with the tstat. Like I said old tstat in place everything runs until it gets to the set point no constant on off cycling.

I’ve gone through programming on app. Changed differential temp from +1 to +3. At this time weather isn’t as hot as earlier this year. So just waiting for oven like temps to come back to see if that rectifies the issue.

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