A bit disappointed.

Why would you have no plans to make a desktop or web version of your app?

Too expensive?

The entire world doesn’t live on their phones like the Crosby’s, and it is really disappointing to hear this isn’t even being considered based on how popular this product has become.

Oh well, guess I have 3 extra phone cams.

After playing around with it for a bit, this is an amazing camera, you should all be very proud. What sucks more than anything and makes me want to return it is how you are forcing people to use a stupid android or iOS app because I guess people like looking at tiny screens. These cameras are now a doorstop for me, total waste of money. I should have known it was too good to be true. Oh well, another lost customer, not that you care as I am sure you are making $ hand over fist in your ruse that I am sure completely caught more than me off guard. So unhappy.

It does work well with TinyCam Pro, Just saying

I mean, to be completely fair, they are marketed as a smartphone security camera. It even says in the specs that it’s only compatible with iOS and Android. Perhaps instead of leaving unnecessary feedback about the glaringly obvious, you should research the product a little deeper before you “waste” your money on it.

100% agree, it is totally on me, I should have researched more before diving in and buying 3.

Lesson learned, have a good one.

I am quite certain that if you take them to work, you will be able to find some people that would be willing to pay what you did for them including the shipping.

If you are going to get rid of them, as with any tech stuff, don’t wait. Right now, they are in short supply, and you may be able to get more than you paid for them.

Not that I am recommending selling on ebay, but I just looked and someone sold 26 units @ $39.95/each with free shipping. I don’t know what eBay’s commission is, and with the hassle of packing and shipping in a short period of time, I would rather just sell to someone at work for what I paid, but that’s me.


Yeah, they seem to be going for a premium used right now. I was telling a coworker about them, he looked up the availability, the prices were double for used units. That won’t last much longer when V2’s are available to ship immediately.