9 Cameras not recording to cloud

I had 6 cams with Cam Plus and all worked perfectly. I added 3 more cams and subscribed to the Cam Plus Unlimited. Now none of 9 cameras will record to the cloud but only 50% of the time. So I signed out and logged back in. Then I unplugged all cams and tried again. Then rebooted my WIFI and tried again. Then I factory reset all cams and tried again. I can view live stream at any time. And Playback show events that the cloud did not record. Notifications may show 25 events but the cloud is Empty. SD card does have all events. Anybody else having this problem?

Not me. But a question that someone might ask, so useful to see if applies to your situation.
Do you use Alexa for anything? Your Cam Plus camera can create the capability to use Person Detection as a trigger in a routine. Recommend you try to create a new routine, select one of your Wyze cams as the device and add the device as a trigger. Will it complete? Does the Person Detection show available/active in the routine?


I don’t have Alexa or any other devices of that type. Person detection is on and also have motion on. My app just this morning showed 23 events but the cloud was empty. The play back on 3 cameras showed 2cats during the night several times and my neighbor hooking up his utility trailer and loading his lawn mower. He triggered about 12 events and the camera showed it but the cloud was empty.

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From the Wyze app on the Events tab screen, click the filter icon (funnel icon upper right) and make sure your filters are cleared (Clear All upper right > Show Results lower right). And just in case you’re not aware… the app initially loads only 20 events. Need to drag screen up to top with one fingertip, hold for a few seconds until you see a spinning wheel, release to load another 20 events.


fyi, You don’t even need to own an Alexa device to use the Alexa app. Remember this was just another way to see if Cam Plus’s person detection was working.