6 volt 4.5 amp sealed battery

I have need for long term monitoring in a ware house with no electricity and no internet.
I would like to occasionally check the parties that access the facility.
Unable to find a sealed lead acid battery with .4.5 volts.
I need to know if the 6.49 volt 4.5 amp reading battery that I have will harm the Wyze camera operating on standby most of the time.
Thanks for any informed advices.

You mean a direct hookup? No, don’t do that. Those are around 7.5-8V if it is fully charged, so, bad idea.

I guess you could get a 12v car battery, and use a DC to DC converter, which would work, but, how long is ‘long term’? Is solar an option?


Agreed. Use a 12 volt battery and a 12 volt to USB adapter to power the camera.


Thanks for advising