5G question

Wyze told me the camera’s are not compatible with 5G, you must use 2.4G network. Most routers are dual band (2.4 and 5G), but my application has only 5G, NOT dual band. I just read that Echo Show can operate with 5G. I also read that WYZE camera will interface with Echo show. My question is "will Wyze camera only communicate with Echo Show if the Echo is connected thru 2.4G (and not 5G)? When will WYZE come out with a 5G camera? Thanks.

It sounds like you are conflating two things here. WiFi frequency support (5 v 2.4) and display on Echo Show. I do not have an Echo Show, but as far as I can tell the display of the video is all done in the backend of things. The Echo is not a wifi router that negotiates with your camera for a connection.

Frequency support 5 v 2.4: A lot of IoT devices tend to be 2.4 support only because of propagation and power consumption. IE better coverage with and better battery life with 2.4. In some cases where higher bandwidth is needed (HD media streaming etc) 5Ghz is preferred.

As far as a 5Ghz camera goes (I do not work for Wyze or have any insight to their production plans), I’m sure the capability will come as WiFi 6 becomes more mainstream and the costs of the chipsets come down for a device like this. WiFi 6 addresses a lot of the power concerns of IoT devices on both frequency bands.

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The Wyze cameras are only compatible with a 2.4 G Wi-Fi network. Almost every router will provide 2.4 and 5.0. You may have to go into your router settings to turn off 5.0 temporarily, but the Wyze devices only operate on the 2.4.
You don’t say what type of Wi-Fi you have. If you have a mesh system most will automatically configure the device for what it requires. My mesh system automatically configures my Wyze cam’s for 2.4.
There is usually an option in the mesh to temporarily pause the 5.0 or turn it off temporarily. I have Echos and have had no issues with my mesh system and had none with my prior ISP provided box.
If you cannot force your router to provide a 2.4g Wi-Fi network you won’t be able to use the Wyze devices.

5.0 ghz, 2.4 ghz and wired Ethernet devices all communicate with each other through the router.
That’s why you can view a 2.4 ghz camera on a 5.0 ghz connected device including Echo and your cell phone.