5 Yellow Finches at my Mother's Birdbath this Morning

At some point the fountain does turn on.


Since you are only about 35 miles away I’m sending the :skunk: and the :raccoon: gang over to take a bath there also. The possum has to stay home with me. :grin:

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Might as well hah, the neighbor’s cats have been frequenting it too.

Mom must be a retired Stone Mason or a rock collector :grin: Nice and a great place for critters to play.

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My dad (retired AF pilot with no stonework background) built that years ago, after some family members brought back all the stones from somewhere (forgot where). There’s a pond back there that used to curve around between the two garden plots. But some years back they dug it up and filled it in, so only the back section remains. There’s a big ole orange tree in the back right corner that has the best HUGE, juicy oranges right now.

About the only time I go to that area is when we go to the Travis AF Base shopping in the Exchange or commissary store. Also have to go there to renew my wife’s military dependent I.D. card every 4-5 years, my I.D. is permanent. Air Force = Zoomies :rofl:

Ah ok. Yeah, I got mine renewed last time I was here a few years back, as I was married to a marine for 25 yrs. But I hardly ever go there and there’s none where I live in NC.

I could get in trouble making comments about Marines also :rofl: Actually I respect all other service members it’s just that we have Pet Names for each other , service rivalry= Squids, Jar Heads, Ground Pounders, Fly Boys/zoomies and many more.


Ha, yeah I know.

One of my nephews is a major in the Air Force. They are stationed in Tucson now and I will be heading down to Mesa in a month to visit all of my family.

I am ex-Air Force, my dad is ex-Army, my step-dad is ex-Air Force/Air National Guard and his step-dad was Army Air Corps and flew the photo reconn F-5 in the Pacific Theater. The was a variant of the P-38.

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Interesting. 4 out of 9 of us went into the military, and 3 nephews and a niece are now in as well. Well, one nephew got out of the AF and is now flying an old (my dad used to fly) Gooney Bird for the Billy Graham Org.

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:grin: :grin:

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