5 Minute wait between videos and false alerts

My camera is picking up light changes at night and reporting those as Motion and triggering a 5 minute wait and then not capturing actual motion or a person trespassing in that 5 minute time period. The motion is constantly being triggered at night because of light reflections and car’s headlights that are reflecting nearby from various objects and your camera picks them up as motion. Therefore, someone can come and rob the place and I would never know within that 5 minute window. I shouldn’t have to purchase a subscription to remove the 5 minute wait time. This feature was not there when I purchased the cameras. If I would of known that, I would of NEVER purchased Wyze cameras.

This leads me to believe this matter needs to be investigated further and I will consult with an attorney for a possible class-action suit against your company for misleading consumers, material damage and other violations. Since this matter involves having mislead all consumers of your products and this warrants a class-action law suit.

Which camera are you talking about? Battery powered “outdoor camera” or a plug in "outdoor camera.?

The 5 minutes Cool Down period was to force you to subscribe to Cam-Plus, Or basically have a useless cam.

The motion detection is based on video changes, this INCLUDES changes in lighting, vegetation blowing in the wind, etc… Again for the camera to work better you need Cam-Plus so the AI can sort out most false alerts…

Without Cam-Plus in my opinion the camera is basically worthless.

Yes there is SD recording but if you don’t plan to subscribe to Cam-Plus there are better cameras than Wyze that do cost more but are a stand-alone system.

The reason the cameras are cheap is to pull you in, they make their money from the subscriptions.

As far as a “Class Action Lawsuit” :rofl:
Better Read ALL the Disclaimers associated with the Wyze Cam and Services…