5 cameras, all now getting stuck on 'getting video data'

I added a fifth camera today and now I can only view the video for any of my cameras if they are in in the group. If I drill down into them I get stuck on getting video data. If I remove one from the group and try to view it, I get the getting video data hang. I have restarted them. I have restarted my phone.
I find it bizarre it can load them for the group view.
Extremely disappointed in this issue.

I have 12 cams running (V3, WCPv1, VDBv1), 9 are in 3 separate groups of 3 and 3 are individual in the home list. All are loading live view almost immediate both in group view and when selected for live view (even the VDB which still amazes me)

Android 11 App

When you say you have restarted them, is that on\off in the app home page or a restart in the settings page for each cam?

Have you tried a power cycle on each cam?

Have you tried a power cycle on your WiFi Router so they all get a fresh IP?