4K Resolution

Yep, I did a search, and all the 4K I found was 1.4K comments and silliness.

1080 just isn’t enough. I must have more!. :slight_smile:

(I have 10 Wyzecams, 3 are black. :hugs: )
3 point inside. All the rest are looking out, from inside, too cold out, no time for that!

I think they would have an issue with compression at the point of 4K and connectivity. If I remember right 4K requires at least 10 megs upload, which some people do not have.


That is not a challenge.

Upload 720 to the cloud.

Store all 4k local to the camera.

Have 32 GB in the cameras from the factory.

Support 256 GB chips, or what ever is available at the time.

Support local server/computer storage. Just save the videos to the network.

~13Mb/s is what I see when streaming 4K HDR content.

I would be a buyer at $60 ~$80 each.

I can buy a 4k 4 cameras + 1080HD 2 wifi cameras, 1 TB security dvr system today for $400, brand new.


Yep! Streaming 4k would kill my ISP connection. I only have 15 down and 5 up. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have 50 and 5. :no_mouth:


Local network = 4k
Remote newwork = 1080p

Easy solution @Demonfire @DreadPirateRush


Not an easy solution. They would have to open more production lines as well as redefine the hardware. When manufacturing it’s always not that easy.

eventually as they grow it could be possible :grin:


Well that is no doubt :slight_smile:. Not sure the SD cards can handle that amount of Read Write. Maybe that’s their plan after introducing the NAS.

lol the sd card specs are already picky without the high bandwidth reqs :joy:

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4K is written to SD cards all the time.

Streaming 4K only needs 12 Mb/s.


I’m looking at cameras to cover my mum’s car which must sometimes be parked on the opposite side of the road and has been vandalised a few times. Due to the distance I want to cover, I’m thinking a 4K camera would be more likely to capture enough identifying detail than 1080p. I think 15 FPS would still be adequate though. Of course this would be more expensive but that doesn’t stop people buying the 1080p cameras if those are adequate for their needs.

First world problems. :slight_smile:

What the hell are you talking about? Having your wing mirrors smashed is a genuine and expensive issue. I live in the ******** a-hole of the UK. Most people buying Wyze cameras probably live in the first world.

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Please create a 4k outdoor version using a sensor like Sony’s IMX274LQC cmos sensor or similar. A quick Google search shows they have been down to $1-5 a piece for a while now. SD card support would have to be larger as well. You make it, I’ll buy a bunch. Thanks.


Should have a 4K capability with Alexa , google home , HomeKit , and iftt comparability

I would like to have 4k and POE, I can pass on the micro-USB and wireless. It’s a lot more difficult to run 110/220 volt ac out to the cameras, but it’s much easier to run cat-5. Definitely support the higher capacity micro SD cards. I wouldn’t mind paying another $50~$75 more for the features.


Even with the 1080p Wyze cameras, the actual issue is the limited bit rate.

So I encourage you guys to vote on this Higher Bit Rate wishlist request:


1080p normally needs a bit rate of about 4000 kb/s for good quality video resolution but i notice on the Wyze cam, its bit rate maxes out around 125 kb/s. So the video we get on the Wyze cam, as some of you already know, is very compressed compared to actual 1080p security videos. On the phone, you don’t really notice it because of the screen size. It’s more noticeable on an iPad or on your PC when you playback your Wyze video clips. So even if Wyze releases a 4K camera, this problem with limited bit rate will still greatly reduce resolution quality due to high compression.

Anybody interested should also vote on this wishlist request:


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I would pay 2x or greater for a new cam with 2k resolution and slightly higher frame rate so faces wouldn’t become so distorted. Better resolution would help with the digital zoom. 4K would take too much bandwidth and is unnecessary.


4K! I can’t believe nobody has this. All the videos are somewhat low definition, especially when trying to get a car plate. 4K would be a great improvement and worth an increase in price.