no sensor videos

Hi All,

I just upgraded to and no sensor videos and no motion detection videos.

I had the same problem with the previous upgrade before I downgraded.

Any advice or downgrade again?

Have you restarted the app? Restarted the camera?

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Hi, tried it and it works. But this happened last version also where the camera would work correctly for maybe 12hrs and then stop. Experiment started…update tomorrow.


Some things that are fairly easy to do are to create a scheduled rule to restart your cameras automatically. I have all mine restart once a day, helps keep everything working and never have an issue with connection loss or notifications or missed recordings. Also just make sure you are restarting your app every so often. Glad it’s working now!

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I have my cameras set to restart via rules twice a day. A lot of problems and odd behavior went away after doing that.

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Tried automatic resetting once per day. It’s not sufficient. Whatever the problem, I’m probably having to reset more frequently than that.

Downgrading AGAIN. Problem from the previous update is not solved.

I would open a support ticket and see if Wyze can help then. I have no issue with sensor videos so I am guessing it’s something with your particular setup or network?

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I would have to agree with @rbruceporter. I am having no issues with sensor videos, I would turn in a support ticket to see if WYZE can help as it does not seem to be a widespread issue affecting everyone.

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