Pan Update

Did the 31 update. Said it failed. It did not. However the controls are 99.9% not working. Once in awhile it will take a wild swing and comes back to rest pointing in direction of USB input. I consider this to be 180 degrees. Or bassakwards. Looking at wall. The motion detection and motion tagging seem to work. The motion tracking however does not. It makes no attempt to follow motion. I am unable to restart device via app. I have powercycled. I tried to do a firmware revert but it did not go. 100 to 98 % wifi. I guess I am destined to delete and reset up. If that don’t work I will try a factory test. But I rather hear from WYZE to see if this is an update issue or I am just unlucky. Errors -42 and 10003.

Both of my Pan Cams are and working fine. I would speculate that the firmware update really did fail and is in a partial update stage. Try the update again, or reload the firmware from a uSD card.

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