3D Printers at libraries

Here is some information that may be of interest to people that may want to print a 3D object related to some project they are working on.
The county library near me has classes, instruction documents, and hands-on time with a printer. They also have people who can help me with my project. No selling of these printed objects though.
See screenshot below.

Victor Maletic


Very cool. Thanks!!


This service also helps you locate 3D printers that can be rented for an often nominal fee.


Thank you. Being 25 miles away from the library, this could be more convenient for me.

It of course varies by location but available printers come and go so check often. :wink:

Thanks for the tip! I just checked and our local library has 2 printers that they will use to print for 10 cents per gram of plastic.

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I recently built an internet controlled pet feeder. It works great, & feeds my cats at 8am every morning. I am looking for a company that can help with the 3D printing of the parts, so this helps. I am going to put it in an indoor/outdoor enclosure, & mount a wyzecam in/on the enclosure, so that people could see that their pets are eating. I think this is something that people would want @WyzeGwendolyn & an integration with the wyze app would make for another great Wyze product. I would love some feedback?


Great idea.

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Thanks Vic.
I wonder if anyone at Wyze would be interested in me sending them a prototype of my internet connected pet feeder, that I built with a wyzecam attached, so that you can see your pet eating? & possibly working with me on getting this integrated with the Wyze app?

@WyzeAmie @Anjel

Sorry for blowing up this post Vic, but I can only include two members per post, because I am new to the community. I’m hoping to get some attention to this ito my pet feeder idea. @WyzeAnthony @WyzeArthur

I mean, I think it’s cool! But I don’t have print experience or easy access to a printer now. -shrugs-