3D Printable Housing Files

I wish Wyze would release a 3D design file of their Standard Housing.

There are over 100 3D printable connectors, adapters, stands, and holders listed on Thingaverse. Clearly people are anxious to connect or attach their Wyze cameras in unique and interesting ways. There is at least one “replacement housing” design.

If Wyze published/release the generic standard housing people could then print replacement housings with integrated connectors, attachment points, etc… This could fuel a movement of creative customizers all using base-Wye cameras, but integrating them into countless consumer and professional uses.

I think most people would much prefer a custom 3D printed housing verse an adapter that interfaces with the out-of-the-box Wyze camera. The camera are super competitively priced and prime to be The Core Element in an array of creative uses. Especially with the IFTTT capability.

I like this idea. But is it easy to remove the electronics from the current housing, and move to a new one without damaging it?

Easy or not would depend on your skill and experience with such things, but it is definitely doable. You can find breakdown videos if you search on YouTube.