30 day Cam Plus event history

I would be willing to pay extra for longer recording history and the ability to see events that happened prior to 14 days ago.

I have resorted to using a large SD card even though it’s not officially supported. Even with the additional storage, the events history only shows the last 14 days. I would like to see events up to at least 30 days ago.

Thank you.

Welcome to the forums! Have you looked into the RTSP firmware for v2 and the pans? There you can take the outbound video and record it elsewhere with a blue iris like setup. I don’t know what cameras you are using but unfortunately the RTSP is not on the v3 or doorbell yet. Only the v2 or the pan currently.


Interesting idea; I’ll consider it if they release an RTSP option for v3 cams. However, one benefit to the Wyze service is that I won’t need to run a server. It keeps things simple as a lay user.

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