3-way programmable bulb

My wish is to find a 3-way bulb with programmable lumens and color for each power level. This bulb would be for table and/or floor lamps in a bedroom or great room. The low setting could be used as a low-lumen soft night light or as a romance/ambience light. The high setting might be a bright white high lumen setting for reading or lighting the room and closet. The medium setting would also be configurable.

The important thing is that once the bulb is configured, I don’t need a phone to turn it on. I just turn the switch on the lamp to go from low, to medium, to high. An on-delay for the medium and high modes would be appreciated so the the bulb could go from low to off without creating a blast of bright light when turning the knob on the lamp.

The bulb would also have a remote control mode so that it could be controlled by a phone app or alexa, etc, as long as the lamp switch is in the low, med, or high position so power is applied to the bulb.