3 tries to connect and error

New WOC. Base installed. Firmware update complete. Pairing complete. Battery 100%. Camera sitting next to base. Solid blue lights on camera and base. Attempt to get image and light on camera goes dark, then starts to flash. After three attempts a message suggests: power cycle camera, power cycle router, Re sync. I have done all three, even tried different order. Same result. Read some of the inputs from others. I am not impressed. Tried “Contact Us”, got no contact info. Signal strength shows 3 bars. Camera and base 6’ apart. What’s next? Suggestions?

Are you connecting to your 2.5Ghz or 5Ghz network from your phone? (Assuming you’re browsing your Wyze App from the phone via Wifi) Also, close the Wyze app, turn off wifi on your phone, then open Wyze to try to view the Cam and see if it connects. If so, that can suggest another issue.

I can do either. Usually my phone connects via 2.5 though I prefer it to be on 5.0 due to the number of other items that are only capable of 2.5. It seems that the 2.5 signal is stronger. Given that I have a choice, which is more likely to work and why?

The whole WOC and base are currently disconnected. Since it wasn’t working and the base was running hot I didn’t want to leave it connected.

I actually got the unit to show live video ONCE though there was significant delay. Since I want to use the “outdoor” camera outdoors, I picked up the camera and started walking toward the door. Before I got 10 feet away, the link was lost.

Just in case I am missing something in the instructions, I’m going to have my wife try the connection when she gets home. She is a software engineer, I’m a systems engineer. She seems to have more luck with interfaces than I. That seems backwards!