3 Position Button Switch to trigger Wyze Cam display to Echo Show

Found a new toy and want to share. This is combining three different items of tech. Wyze Cam, Echo Show and (new) Sonoff 3 choice button switch.

I guess we all can use an Alexa routine to tell Alexa to show us a Wyze cam on an Echo Show. Nothing new there. But I dislike using a voice command - I want choices.
I found a new toy. This is the Sonoff SNZB-01P 3 position button switch. About 1 3/4th" x 5/8" - the size of a silver dollar. We’ve all asked Wyze for a button/switch trigger and nothing yet. So, I have been watching for someone else’s. One requirement for me is Alexa routine support, so I can use different manufacturer devices.

What makes this switch cool, is the price. $10. I also use the Flic 2 button switch which is half the size or smaller, but they are $25 each.

Although it’s not clear on their ad, you must get the Sonoff ZB-Bridge-P ($30) Zigbee hub to bridge the button to Alexa. Once done, you get access to three buttons to trigger Alexa routines.

So, I setup one button to send the Show “cam” to Echo Show 8, but I have three “tap” choices, 1, 2 or Hold to tell it to show me three different cameras. And it runs the Alexa routine and displays the camera quickly. Worth a look.

If Wyze offered a button switch, I would not talk about this here.

Interesting find…

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