24 Notification limit

Anyone else have this limit of only 24 Notifications?

I’m talking about app notifications on my android device for motion/sound/person/vehicle, after 24 Notifications I stop receiving any more until I dismiss them.

I can’t decide if it is a good thing or not. I don’t mind so much that I only have 24 Notifications on my device but I would like for it to be the last 24 Notifications. Not from a few hours ago.

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It’s something Google did to deal with spam and misbehaving apps, it’s not a bad limit really as once you tap events they all clear anyway.


I have not noticed, but will monitor to see what I experience. I have the Beta software and have also run the ADB Command to reduce the notification time on my phone as well.

Here is more info Notification limits dropped to 24 in Android 10. Can I change that? - Google Pixel Community

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Thanks – looking at it now…

Interesting article. I am letting my alerts come before I clear it to see. Question: Do you know if it is 24 in a period of time or 24 overall until you clear it?

I am not sure, I know it’s as intended and I was reading another article the other day a bout the anti spam time limit, but I just woke up and can’t find it.

LOL – Don’t you love how all of these fixes causes issues for the end users… Security is good, but if your experience degrades that is an issue as well. At least provide a method of turning things off or changing them - at your own risk

its until you reach the 24 Notifications after that no more notifications until you dismiss it

Thanks, I am waiting to get to 24 and will check as well. I am currently at 10

I read the link but still unclear - is it 24 per APP or 24 in TOTAL? Because 24 in total is really low.

that was my question as well.

I am at 22 now for Wyze

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My understanding of the current posting limits is that it is now 24 per app, and apps can only post once per second. I am currently doing some digging but I did find 알림 개요  |  Android 개발자  |  Android Developers

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So I just tested mine and it shows 3 email and 24+ Wyze Alerts. To me it looks like 26 Alerts from Wyze.

So things seem to be still flowing on my side. I did set the Wifi / Data usage to be unrestricted growth. Not sure that makes a difference.

Huh, the “summary of the most notable behavior changes for Android notifications” on that page ends with Android 8.

Are you on Android 10? I am not yet.

I am on Android 11 latest security update.

Also installed the latest Beta of the Wyze App.

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