24/7 live view possible?

Is it possible to setup a wyze cam for 24/7 hands-off live view monitoring using an android tablet?

Hello @bobFLL,

I actually do that myself, I have an Andoid tablet attached with Velcro to my wall next to my desk (always plugged in to power), and I have it on live view of my front door cam all the time.

EXACTLY what I’m trying to do… Frosted glass on front door, can’t see who is knocking on the door without opening it. Figured a Wyze cam there and a cheap Android tablet might door the trick if it will maintain a 24/7 connection without timing out. Thanks!

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I do that as well. I have an old PC with BlueStacks running Android… I installed TinyCam (free) and have all my Wyze cams live viewing 24/7.