230 volt transformer for doorbell


Any tips for a 230V transformer for the Wyze doorbell so I can use it in Europe? The trafo specs are 16V-24V AC, ≥10VA


@borchgrevink, Welcome to the forum!

Since you are still AC to AC, you are going to need a power adapter rather than an inverter (DC to AC) or converter (AC to DC).

Finding a European plug format 230v AC to open wire pigtail 16-24v AC (what the WDB V1 uses) might be a bit difficult. I did a cursory dive and found one on the UK Amazon site but didn’t go any further. Look for one that meets the specs, not the brand.

A deeper dive might turn up others though. You might have better success by searching UK or European sites. If you find one that has a specific plug on the pigtail end, you might be able to cut it off to use the open wires if you are confident in what you are doing.

A workaround might be to just get a readily available Euro 230v AC male to American 3 prong 110V female power adapter and then plug a domestic 110v AC to 16-24v AC open pigtail wire adapter into that. These are also readily available (I bought one for my WDBV1).

Not sure about the power delivery though. As I recall from my extended stay in Europe. When we plugged American 110v appliances into the 230v to 110v adapters, all sorts of weird things happened because of the 50Hz (Euro)\60Hz (USA) freequency difference.

Good luck! Hope this helps.

Thanks! I just found out it has a hidden micro USB at the back too. Why not just use that?

Is that the Video Doorbell Version 1…(white w\ power required)

Or the Video Doorbell Pro with the internal rechargable battery?

As I understand it, it’s the first gen. Hardwired only

Hmmm. I didn’t really look for a port. Didn’t know it had one. That is probably not a power port though. It is probably a data port for the factory to flash the FW. Might let all the smoke out if you try it.

Is that what is under the grey rubber stopper?


I just saw the information here. Haven’t seen it myself. Wyze Doorbell, alternate power supply - #4 by Omgitstony

Seems to work like a charm though?


Great pull! Scanned thru all good info.

Running a USB wire or running a thinner power supply wire. 6 of 1 and ½ dozen of the other. Wire has to go east to west either way. If you have a Euro 230v USB adapter, you are in business… Although it will void the warranty

Since I’m in Europe the warranty is of no practical use anyway :sweat_smile: It will be placed under roof, so no rain. Hope it works :pray:

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Indeed. Good luck! Be safe and well!

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