2021 plug will not connect to wifi

I just bought 6 plugs from HD. The first two were the older version. They configured and connected to Wi-Fi

Then I realized there were new and old versions. The other 4 were the new. I was able to connect via Bluetooth but they never connect to Wi-Fi. I have new and old in the same outlet. The new is always slow flashing blue. The old works great.

Bad plugs?

Interestingly the app is happy to toggle the power on the new plugs, but of course nothing happens. The app also shows network connection status for the new plug. Yet the plug has slow blue flashing light.

Well have no clue take them back and get the version 1 zip if they don’t have the,get them on ebay I looked and thee New and cheap

Ive had connectivity problems with the 2021 also. The older ones I have and they seem to be good.

I had similar problem.

I had good success after toggling a setting in my router admin to allow special characters for DHCP.

Don’t know of I’ve ever seen a setting like that

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Hmm, what kind of HOST names are you seeing on your DHCP server?