2 suggestions - 5Ghz & add rotate movement

Hello to Wyze camera developers,

What I would really like to see is the ability to connect to a 5Ghz WiFi setting, is there a specific reason you don’t allow it?

and I would love to see in addition to zoom, the ability to pivot camera up and down and rotate (albeit), size would be increase for motion, and cost would go up, but, I feel it would be a great option for addon upgrade.

Thanks for creating an excellent, affordable camera. Very well thought out.

Thanks for the question! There are a couple of reasons we do not support 5GHz:

1.This would increase the price of the product.

2.As a market standard, 5GHz is not the best for smart home equipment. While it is faster, this comes at the cost of range. This means you would benefit if the camera was in the same room as the router, but if it was in a room on the other side of the house you would likely run into connectivity issues. This is the main reason we do not use it.


For the movement, we have had a few people suggest this so we may see something come of this in the future!

That it explains it, thank you for the response


This may be more important as we start moving to mesh networks, I am considering moving to a mesh network just for this reason to limit the range and improve availability and keep it separate from my internal mesh network. The other consideration would be to allow access to the antenna port or allow daisy chain cameras to combine data streams so they don’t compete for wifi speed/space. In 2006/2007 work with a citywide wifi mesh networking company and one of our strong point was multiplexing video streams over a psudo mesh network. Basically, we were able to take 3-4 wifi setups position close together and have them act as 1 unit. This was basically before beam steering was popular. All of this was done using open source stacks and pretty low power chipsets at the time.