2 Step Verification - unauthorized sign in attempt

I have my Wyze account set up with 2 Step Verification. At 11:47 am, Eastern Time, April 7, 2020 I started receiving verification codes from Wyze. I am not trying to sign in. I feel it’s very unlikely anyone has my user name and password (I have never given it out, and it’s a strong password).

Any thoughts?

As your fairly certain no one has your password then likely someone has stumbled onto your email address and is randomly trying to log into your account using brute force or credential stuffing.

As long as you don’t reuse your password on more than one account and your password is a reasonable length and complexity you should be ok.

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@Kurelgyer Just as a precaution, I would highly recommend changing your password to your account. This will make hacking into your account much more difficult and give you an added peace of mind. Passwords that are 16 to 30 characters are considered very strong.