2 questions

I need longer zif cables for the wyze cam that I want to turn into a doorbell camera.

So my questions are ,

Is it possible to use longer zif cables ? The reason I ask is because I’m not sure if it could cause some sort of issue , be it a software problem, power ect

Second question is , if I can , does anyone know of a any local shops that might sell them. I was thinking of checking at Micro center considering that they wanna give me a free 32gb thumb drive or micro SD card. Plus, they started selling the wyze cams in store.

Not sure on Micro Center, but you can find them on Amazon. Edit: the camera has 24 pins on the zif cable, so that’s the cable you’ll need.

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I just found this on Micro centers website but the cable appears to have a slightly higher rating.
Would it still be possible to use it ?

It that one 24 pins? That’s what you need for the camera.

The cables I bought are to wide. I knew I should have brought the camera cables with me. I also see now that the 2 ribbon cables on the camera are of different widths.

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