2 light bulbs

I want to put two lightbulbs in my closet and then run it by a sense. Can I pair the bulbs together since they run off one switch or do I have to pair for each bulb individually and then move them to their location?

You need to pair (connect the bulbs to your account) each bulb individually. Once they have been paired you can group them so that they respond as one.


Do I have to do two separate schedules one for When the Sense opens and one for when it does sense closes

You should yes. You can also do something like if light is on for x then thing but it is easier to do 2 rules.

Thanks I got it working perfect. I had accidentally marked closed in the open command. So it even though I had to create that they were both marked closed. Once I saw that air and fixed it it work just perfect. Thank you for all the help that you’ve been giving me I really appreciate it god bless you