2.50 Release Candidate Beta Test 3/18/2024

Not yet. I was told they are working on it. I am hoping to see it soon.

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I’ve noticed that the monitoring tab timeline tends to stay at the top of the next hour. This has fooled/confused and made me wonder a few times where my events were.

If the timeline could stay on the current time of day that would be ideal. In lieu of that, I would I appreciate it being at the last event.

For example if the time is 9:01pm (current time of writing this post) the timeline is at 10:00pm when opening the monitoring tab.

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While using dark mode in the app and on my phone the notifications in my notification bar disappear sometimes when using the monitoring tab. Android 14 on Pixel 7

It seems like the new monitoring tab is not updating the notification icons from white to black. If you have black icons to start with they remain visible on the monitoring tab, but if you have white ones they become invisible. See video for reference:

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I think it would be great to have the day summary buttons works as quick filters. For example I would love to be able to tap on the 31 person events and have the timeline filtered to only those events.

Admittedly I have tapped the “button” a few times in hopes of this functionality. It seems like a natural step


I agree, the first button is a button but the others aren’t. Isn’t super intuitive that way.


Disturbing! Wyze App no longer acknowledges/obeys Do Not Disturb override settings

Welp…as of the latest app update, it appears my Wyze app will no longer alert me with person notifications for events on my property when my Do Not Disturb setting is set to ON my Android phone.

I have my notification settings configured to override the Do Not Disturb setting. I confirmed that all my other apps that are set to override it still work fine.

Need this fixed so I can be alerted if there’s a person on my property in the middle of the night.

I’m using the beta app. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

I moved your topic from Wyze App to this Beta topic for better Wyze visibility.

DND override is still working for me on this beta release. I’m testing this release under Android though.


@Seapup: Thanks. I’m not sure if the issue is confined to just the beta app though. Was hoping for a bit wider circulation.

Let’s see if anyone here responds…

You’re welcome to make a new topic in Wyze App category for non-beta app issues. Your issue doesn’t belong as a new request in the Wishlist category which is why it was moved here.

Make sure you have DND override enabled for all Android channels. I have 4 channels under Android 10 and 11. Some of my devices have fewer channels, some have more.


@Seapup: Yep. Thats exactly how I am set up. I’m on Android 11 and have all notifications channels enabled and DND override set on all of them.

I believe my original post was under the App section (not Wishlist), but hopefully others who have the issue may see it here.

Best case for everyone else, it is just my phone and not even the beta app, but that will leave me in a pickle. :thinking:


I’ve seen many users reporting lack of notifications under Android for the past few months, beta and production app versions. Not sure why some have issues and some do not. What model of phone/tablet are you running?

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To be more specific, for any other app that I have set to override do not disturb mode, the sound notification applet allows me to pick different sounds and I can hear them as I select them. When I try that in the Wyze app, they are all silent.

This is backed up by the fact that when I get a person alert (while do not disturb is on) nothing happens audibly. I still get a notification, but there is no sound.

Hope that helps. :crossed_fingers:t3:

I set assigned custom tones to my Wyze app notification channels. I can hear them when I pick them, but also hear them when the Wyze app pushes any notification type. It sounds like your issue may be phone/model UI specific. All I can suggest is sending an app log and posting the Log ID here in this topic for dev review. Something should also be posted in the next Fix-it-Friday topic as it appears that this issue is affecting many Android Wyze app users.


@Seapup: Same. I have custom sounds set for different channels. They all worked fine until about a week ago (my app was last updated on 18 Mar and today is 24 Mar).

I want to send a log but not sure what screenshot to include because everything “looks” normal. There’s just no sound. I haven’t sent many logs before…is a screenshot optional?


Attachments/screenshots are optional. You don’t need to include them. Just an brief description of problem and make sure the “Send log files” checkbox is checked before tapping the submit button.


Okay, thanks. Done. :+1:t3:

Log #1357128


Thank you! :+1:

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You bet. Thanks for the help. :+1:t3:


Does 2,50.437 not have the web view limitation?

They sent an update for that 5 days ago: