2.46 Android app Beta Test 10/20/2023

Hi all,

I’m running 2.46 (b369) in Android and I noticed a few issues that seem to be related to the app. Hope this is in the right place, it’s been about a year since I’ve used the forum.

I have x4 WCO’s in one camera group and attempting to turn the group on/off from the home screen device list fails every time. If the group is off and I turn it on, the button illuminates “on” but turns off within seconds and the cams remain off. The same happens if the group is on and I try turning it off.

Turning these cams on/off can only be done by opening the group and turning them on/off individually. All of my rules that turn this cam group on/off function properly and that’s got me stumped.

Unrelated, I picked up x4 new Wyze Switches for my outside lights and grouped them together. While setting up rules for these, I noticed my new switch group is not listed under “group actions” in the “add action” list. All the switches are listed individually but I feel like the group should show up there with the other groups.

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