2.4 GHz Smart Home Article

The topic of Wyze products only using 2.4GHz WiFi comes up every so often. I thought the Wyze community might find this Verge article interesting.


And one important item that I’m glad the author mentioned: (It should go without saying that to reduce Wi-Fi congestion, you should hardwire anything that you can, such as desktop computers, televisions, streaming sticks, and other stationary bandwidth hogs.)

Too many people simply use wireless “because they can” and don’t realize that it is a finite resource.


IMO, the 2.4GHz discussion should be more about the Router’s hardware and software design architecture in supporting a robust 2.4GHz band rather than about the band itself. The freequency is the same, it is the router’s ability to manage it that changes. Big sexy hyper routers aren’t the low band answer. They design for the Autobahn bands.

An interesting technical read I found and can barely digest: