2.33 App Beta test 7/7/2022


  • Android : 2.33.0.b158
  • iOS: 2.33.0(8)

What’s New:

  • Added support for Preferred Time Option in Trends for Wyze Scale S/X
  • Added support for Pet Mode, Luggage Mode, and Heart Rate toggles in Wyze Scale S/X Settings
  • Added support for a weight goal progress bar for Wyze Scale S/X
  • Added Home/Away Preset Shortcuts for Rules
  • Optimized the Smart Support Tool for Wyze Support
  • Fixed some UI bugs for Cam Plus Pro
  • Fixed the crash issue when downloading time lapse video (iOS)
  • Bug fixes

Is the “Fixed the crash issue when downloading Timelapse videos” the fix for Cannot Download Timelapse “No File Exists” or is it unrelated.


Experiencing Android app crashes while live streaming. Time to crash varies from 1 minute to over an hour.

Log ID: 639483 (Android 11 tablet)
Log ID: 639489 (Android 11 tablet)
Log ID: 640184 (Android 9 phone)
Log ID: 640463 (Android 9 phone)

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On any specific camera model or on all?

I will do a test as well. I know I streamed a v3 for more than a minute. :slight_smile:

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Cam type doesn’t appear to be an issue. Was streaming groups of 4 cams of various types. I’m currently running a beta test with 6 phones and tablets trying to pinpoint the cause. It may be limited to Samsung One UI 3.1 on top of Android 10 & 11, but not sure yet.

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What happened to the Home Dispatch Instructions under Home Monitoring Settings / Home information? The feature was in a previous version.

See log 640089

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Dispatch Instructions are still there in the beta Android app. Can anyone else confirm it’s missing under iOS app 2.33.0(8)?

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I have just confirmed that under the iOS Beta App Version, the dispatch instructions are not present. Must have been forgotten.

As you indicated, the menu choice does appear with the Android App.

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Thank you very much for confirming. :+1:

@jentsang Will you be needing a log file for this iOS issue?

@spamoni4 @AmoEGL Will you please submit a Log for this missing feature via the iOS app and post Log ID in this topic?

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FW 2.33.0(b8). When changing the alarm status, the first page that displays the changed alarm status shows all 5 assigned security cams as Off Line and all keypads with dead batteries (red dot). The very next page that shows the Monitoring Events does not show any of the same information. Clearing the cache does not fix the problem. This same issue was reported and logged for the previous beta firmware.

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FW 2.33.0(b8). Installing the firmware changed all of my Sense device notification settings to defaults other than what I use. Resetting everything was not trivial.


Yes @Seapup , We are collecting logs to fix this issue. Thank you so much!


When editing an existing Detection Zone for the Pan V1/V2, the Cancel and Save buttons no longer appear when adjusting the pan/tilt of the camera. A workaround is to change the state of a square in the detection grid and back again; this makes it possible to save the new pan/tilt settings. Running Android 11.

Absolutely will. Doing it shortly, was out. :slight_smile:


The Dispatch Instructions found in the Security HMS Menu option Settings / Home information is missing in iOS. On Android, the Dispatch Instructions Menu exists

Log Number: 640065
iOS App Version: 2.33.0 (b8)
Hub FW:

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Added another crash to post above: Log ID: 640184 (Android 9 phone)
Added another crash to post above: Log ID: 640463 (Android 9 phone)

Looks like some sort of buffer/stack overflow issue when viewing a group of multiple cams. I haven’t encountered the issue when viewing a single stream (grouped or not) on the same devices. I also haven’t encountered this issue under Android 11 & 12 running One UI Core. I’m thinking it may be related to a conflict with One UI vs One UI Core and unrelated to Android version.


Thank you for posting the crash issue and logs here. Do you mind capturing a screen recording of the crash, so we can better reproduce this issue? Thank you very much.


Maybe not just a beta issue. Had this on production release 249 and 264, across both my first hub and a brand new replacement hub I just set up today.

Is there a fix to live camera streams viewed in landscape reverting back to portrait if another app is viewed, then return to the Wyze app? Further, will the portrait-centric Wyze app ever be fully used in landscape, especially since iPads are being used more and more in landscape orientation?

I noticed that with this update the watch 47 only receives notifications from the Wyze app. All other notifications have stopped.