2.17+ App Beta Testing 2/8/2021

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Is Revert Firmware back for good?

I just upgraded a V2 that was about a year behind and was surprised I was offered the choice to revert.
/edit - the V2 had been on

I’m not able to see the .31 version either. I even tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling and I’m still on the .7 version. Does anyone know any trick to force it to update to .31?

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Why is my Android Wyze app saying 2.17.31 is available, Google says I’m a beta tester, but 2.17.31 isn’t there?

It shold be available. I am running 2.17.31. It was downloaded from the Google Store. Wonder if it is worth trying leaving the beta test group and then rejoin.

Just tried that. Completely uninstalled the app, left the beta program and waited until it said I was not in the program. Rebooted the phone. Went to the google store and rejoined the beta program and waited until it said I was in before I reinstalled the app. Still at 2.17.7… I have beta firmware installed for all devices, but can not get the beta Android app to install.

I’m running a Google Pixel 5. I’ve seen others post here with that phone too, and are on .31. So I don’t know what I’m doing wrong (if anything) that is not letting it install anything past .7.

And just for grins, I tried installing the app on an Android tablet I have. 2.17.7…

Interestingly, 2.18.12 is now out and when it was released, I could finally install 2.17.31. And now I can’t install 2.18.12. I feel like this is intentional. Like they only want a certain number of people to have the beta version.

I am running into the same now on 2.18.12

I wonder if this is to do with the way the Play Store rolls out or approves updates, or something else is going on. I am wanting to retest bugs I have run into.

I tested the heck out of this issue this week. I have deduced (for me and at least one other member I collaborated with) that it is the Detection Zone that is the cause of the lack of push notification;

The following is what I observed
Platform: Samsung Galaxy Note10+ (WYZE App v2.17.31 BETA) and iPad Air (WYZE App v2.17.21 PRODUCTION)

Pan Cam Firmware
Notifications: ON
WYZE AI Events: On
All Other Motion Events: OFF
Cam Plus Vehicle and Person Detection ON

Received Person and Vehicle notifications on:

V3 Firmware
Notifications: ON
WYZE AI Events: On
All Other Motion Events: OFF
Cam Plus Vehicle and Person Detection ON

Received Person and Vehicle notifications on:

Door Bell Camera Firmware Of course no Zone Detection on this camera
Notifications: ON
WYZE AI Events: On
All Other Motion Events: OFF
Cam Plus Vehicle and Person Detection ON

Received Person and Vehicle notifications

IF Detection Zone is ON you do not get the push notification for Vehicles
IF Detection Zone is OFF you get push notifications for Vehicles

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This is great. I actually turned off the Detection Zone this week (I will need to verify though :slight_smile: ), and my notifications have been off the hook. It constantly notifies me as expected and all within 10 seconds or so - I have run the ADB command.

I have not put the two together (Detection Zones and Notifications) as I have been working on the Schedule Rules issue, which I have resolved and have proven in another post. I was getting a 3 minute delay for certain rules to kick in. Now they are instant.

I will have to turn on Vehicle Detection to see if this actually works for me as well.
but my V3’s and V2’s have been working this week and 1 of my 2 Outdoor cams is working as well. The second has detection zone set. I will turn that off and see.

Thanks for the info on this. It is clear and concise.

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For sure. Trying to keep up with you brother…and @carverofchoice :slight_smile:

I now have a 3rd confirmation of turning off detection zone resulting in push notifications returning.

Would be nice to know our WYZE Wyzards are getting community analysis and test results.


This is some amazing testing! Well done and well put together! I love these kind of answers that are a high level of contribution! Thanks for sharing.

I will also add, there is a bit of wonkiness in the vehicle detection from what I have seen.

If there is a person in your driveway (and in my case usually a kid) and a stationary car parked in the driveway, you get a person and vehicle notification at the same time when it is only the person moving.

So I made note of when cars, ups/fedex trucks (and even a semi once (it was a weird situation as semis never come through my neighborhood, I am sure an act of the testing gods :wink: ) went past and checked against my notification. Fun Thread here…

I validated the controls twice turning Zone detection off and on and results were conclusive

Many thanks to @Antonius for feedback as I was kicking this test around.

I read in one of the Forums that this is because the Motion Triggers the video to be analyzed by the AI engine, if it sees a person, car, package or any other AI option, it will mark all of those regardless if they were moving. I am not sure if they are working on something to only tag the items which were moving, or if this is truly the case. However, I have experienced this exact thing myself.

I have a Camera on my Porch and planning on putting in a Doorbell, when they become available. I turned on Vehicle, Person, and Package, I had a delivery and it accurately marked the Person and Package, but also included my car in the driveway.

Yea, you mentioned you needed to run a wire for the doorbell. Did you get one ordered? Or no luck yet?
Sounds like the pre-orders are close to being shipped out, which should open up stock soon.

If not, hit me up, I ordered 2 “just in case” and at the price point not to much of a hit. You do some fantastic testing and would be happy to send it to you if the wait gets long.

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I appreciate that. Have not ordered one, on the notification list. Got the wire run and connected to my Eufy Battery Doorbell. Can’t wait to get to one ecosystem.

If it takes too long to get one, I will reach out, but all is good so far. Thanks for the offer.

I find these products exceptional and being in the IT field understand that there will be flaws. That is why these forums are so important. I always try to ensure I can provide information which may benefit others - as you do.

It is a welcome change when there are others who are on the same page and want to provide supporting information, answers, and options or suggestions to make things work better. Impressive find on the Detection Zones issues.

I echo what @carverofchoice said:

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While we are on the cam topic, I have 3 cameras out of 13 ( a v3, Pan Cam, and a V2) that are recording events for sound, and I have that option disabled.

I have toggled the option on and off a couple times, cleared cache data from the app, and logged out and back in to the app, but continue to get recording events for sound.

Anyone else experiencing the same?

I only used the the sound in my Garage for a short period of time and then turned it off. I have not experienced this issue but will test later today to see what happens.

Sane thing for me, but the 2.18.12 came shortly after.

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