2:11am———Why is it light outside?

Had some strange things happen, can y’all help me understand why it’s showing me pure daylight but it’s 2:11am?? Thank you!

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The thumbnail image for that event on your screen may not have updated. Next time this happens, try doing a long pull on the screen from top to bottom to refresh the thumbnail images. If that doesn’t work, try Wyze app home screen > Account > App Settings > Cache File Size(x.xxMB) Clear.

I did that… a lot! It updated. And my cache is at 0. ?

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I don’t fully understand the caching theory used by Wyze so can’t give you a proper explanation. Mine is usually at 0 also. For some reason it’s @ 3.99MB today. Glad you got your thumbnail(s) updated. :+1: :smiley: