16 million colors?

So after setting up my light strip pro I’ve been wondering where the rest of the colors are that wyze advertised.

If you have the pro version then you know the app gives you two wheels…

But I’m struggling to find the “16 million colors” that Wyze advertised in their product page

Any help ?


It really is 16M, but you would be hard pressed to tell them all apart or select them from the color wheel. Each of the three primary colors can be set to anywhere from 0 to 255. So 256 x 256 x 256 is a little over 16M.
With some of the stuff I do, the lighting controls allow setting the 0 to 255 level so it is easier to get all 16M colors.


Ahhh that makes sense . That what I was thinking too but I really couldn’t tell much difference on the color wheel .


Good day


Basically, every very slight graduation on the color wheel is a new color. :slight_smile: