12 second recorded clips not working?

When i get a event recording and go check on it later it doesnt play and remains on zero seconds. There is no loading whatsoever and they only way for me to watch it is clicking on playback on the bottom between livestream and delete. There was some videos that i watched last week worked but when i go back to those clips it doesnt play for me after setting up the new camera that came in. I think it might be the updated the firmware before i had ordered another wyse cam v2 or when the new camera came in and it came with a free 14 day Cam Plus subscription that might of messed up the ui? it would play the recording of my new cam with the Cam Plus active on it but wont play my other ones with the 12 second clip that should have 14 day free cloud storage? I can view the frozen clip by going to playback option but i am just wondering why one cam with cam plus get clip play back while all my other cams dont?