12 sec video starts several seconds after motion

I’m only noticing this on one camera, but I’m getting 12 second videos that start several seconds after the motion that triggered them. It’s rare, but I’ve had several Events where the video starts 2-5 seconds after the motion, so the 12 second video doesn’t actually contain the motion. It’s just weird watching the video and never seeing motion tagged movement. When this happens, simply pressing the play button again will briefly show the thumbnail that includes the tagged motion and timestamp, which is before any timestamp in the video.

Anybody else seeing this?

Well, I was hoping a device restart would work wonders, but I just received an Event video that started at 12:50:36, but the motion was tagged at 12:50:30, six seconds before the 12 second video started. I’ll try a power cycle.

How about a time sync in the camera settings?

On my 1 camera the notification is delayed about the same amount of time every time,

I can put that on the list to try, but the camera time is correct. When an event video is selected, the app briefly flashes the thumbnail showing the motion with motion tag before the video plays. The time stamp on the thumbnail showing the actual motion is six seconds prior to the first frame of the 12 second video.

I did a power cycle about an hour ago and today is so overcast and still, nothing has triggered an event since. iirc, this happens when the trigger motion is very fast, like a bird that is only in frame for a split second, so I want to see if it repeats with that vs. simply walking in front.

That may be a different issue if I understand you correctly. Push notifications do not happen until the 12 video is completed, shipped up to the cloud and after that is completed, then the notification is sent. Earlier, I thought the notification was fired off the second the motion took place, but that was not correct.