12-48V DC Smart switch

There’s a smart switch for appliances that use 110V AC, it would be nice to have a similar device for 12-48V DC. I work with power tools. and it would be nice to hack my battery-operated tools to be smarter. A common scenario is to have the shop vacuum turned on when using any tool or with a smart switch. There are battery-operated shop vacuums now that I would like to power with a button or even better when Wyze senses another tool in use.

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"Alexa turn on the Sawz-All* doesn’t sound like a great idea…

Seriously can’t you just use the 110 smart plug to power your DC adapter?

I don’t know, I feel Home Alone would be able to have a great remake given this situation

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Sonoff has the switches you’re looking for.

A Wifi switch would have to be wired between the battery and the tool.

I use something like this to turn on my 110v shop vac whenever I use my table saw or miter saw.