1 week, 2 big issues

First week in the book. Lots to love, but here’s where improvement is needed:

  1. In 7 days, Wyze has “caught” my newspaper delivery guy only once. Could he arrive every day when at the exact time a bug caused a false alert? Played with sensitivity, but VERY troubling that camera is missing human approaching my house every morning (4-5 am.

  2. I want to see playback of my delivery guy so I can diagnose why I’m not getting alert. However, playback from memory card is only in real time. There REALLY needs to be playback speed options. This is critical when searching archive footage. Playback is almost useless without it.

Any chance playback speed is high on dev list? Any hack or workaround?

  1. There is a five minute timeout after each 12 sec alert clip. So if there was an alert in the five minutes before the delivery, you would not have gotten a alert for it. In addition to sensitivity, you can try making a smaller detection zone to eliminate some of the false alerts.
  2. Playback fast forward/reverse is on the development road map. The ability to jump from each motion segment to the next (with the card in Event Only mode) is in testing. If you change the card mode from continuous to event only, that will reduce the amount of real time video you have to review.
  1. That’s why I reduced sensitivity, in order to not have bugs causeing the false hits. For example, I set the sensitivity to 15 last night and only had 2 big hits. One at 10 pm and one at 2 am. But, again, Wyze didn’t catch my paper guy even though he walks down my sidewalk and places the paper at my door (all within the range of my camera). It is unlikely that he delivered the paper at 2 am.
  2. having the jump to trigger events would not be helpful because the paper guy isn’t causing a trigger. I need to be able to watch the video at like 48x speed from 3 am to 5 am to see when he’s coming so I can submit the video to you guys to ask why this guy doesn’t trigger my camera. Another case where faster playback would be help us is that we have a lot of car break ins “some time in night” that I hear about. If I could watch at a fast playback, I could look for people walking in the street. But, without fast playback, I’ll need to watch 10 hours of video. The point being, fast playback is about finding footage of events that aren’t being triggered. In just 1 week I’ve needed this feature multiple times.
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  1. Long shot, but double check you don't have a trigger zone set that excludes the paper guy's path. It doesn't make sense that you'd get two triggers but not catch a large human. Unless, perhaps, is the paper guy not coming into the zone but only throwing the paper there.
  2. I would suggest trying Event Only for the card anyway. The motion criteria may be different than the alert clips. And, fast forward playback is coming. I just can't tell you exactly when.